Three successful years of evolutionary change in India

Lean Kanban India, under the umbrella of Lean Kanban Inc, USA, has been conducting its flagship international conference since the last 3 years. The conference has been a platform to further The Kanban Method, hereby referred to as Kanban, and its adoption. Kanban has often been referred to as the "Alternate path to Agility". Over the years, we have received excellent feedback from our participants. We have got valuable feedback that we have tried to incorporate in our subsequent conferences. The conference has been attended by over 400 participants from 10+ countries. We have International speakers who are thought leaders within the Kanban community sharing their global real time experience with facts and figures.

The conference is accompanied by pre and post conference workshops. The conference promises variety of quality sessions and workshops covering Foundation Kanban, Enterprise Kanban, Devops, and Coaching with case studies. Kanban has always been about "pragmatic, actionable evidence-based guidance” and this conference will bring more of the same to you".

Confirmed Speakers

David Anderson
Originator of The Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning.
Patrick Steyaert
Patrick Steyaert
Founder, Principal Coach and Trainer at Okaloa
Klaus Leopold
Managing Partner at LEANability GmbH

Feedback from Past Conferences

Lean Kanban India
LKIN16 | In Conversation with Girish Kumar
9-10 Sep 16
LKIN16 In Conversation with Amit
Lean Kanban India
LKIN16 | In Conversation with Amit
9-10 Sep 16
Lean Kanban India
LKIN16 | In Conversation with Marcio Sete
9-10 Sep 16

Call for Proposal

Lean Kanban India is inviting proposals on these recommended areas

  Kanban Principles & Practices

  Kanban: An alternate path to Enterprise Agility

  Kanban Experience Case Studies with quantified metrics

  Kanban with SAFe/SCRUM

  Kanban in Non-IT environments

Submission closes on 5 April 2017 !