Workshop Details

Kanban System Design Workshop (KMP I)

The Kanban Method is a comprehensive approach for introducing systems thinking into any organization on all levels. It fosters a holistic service focus throughout an organization, with the goal of better understanding business risk, support for decision making and improving service delivery activities.

This training and workshop sets a solid foundation for organizations, teams or individuals to start their concrete service improvement efforts via the Kanban Method.

You receive a great mix of deep conceptual lessons, combined with case studies and real life experience. You will get hands-on exercises, games and interactive exercises, providing a maximum learning experience. After the class you will be ready to kick off or deepen your own Kanban initiative.

Workshop Details

  • Time: 9:00 am - 6: 00 pm
  • Date: 07th - 08th Sep 2016
  • Participant Profile: Manager, Leaders, Consultants , Change Agents, Agile Practitioners
  • Prerequisites:Read at LKU site
  • Approach: 2 Days Workshop
  • Seats: 30
  • Venue:Bangalore